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Teri was sitting outside the nurse's office waiting for one of her many check-ups, She gazed up towards the ceiling in an bored daze. " When is the nurse off her lunch break? It's been a hour already! " She said frustrated by her boredom. Her mysophobia kicking in, her mind thought of the many germs that littered the school floor that she sat on, Panicking, Teri got up and sprayed her area with her bottle of disinfectant and wiped it down with a towel.

Satisfied with her vanquishing of the evil germ army that plagued her personal bubble kingdom, Teri breathed a sigh of relief and placed the disinfectant bottle back onto her holster and threw the towel into the trashcan next to her.

Teri then tried to open the door to the office, It was locked and the lights were off, meaning that school was over for the day. " Gosh-Darn It! " Teri cursed, " I waited here all this time for nothing? " She was about to leave, when she spotted a toy under one of the lockers across the hall from her side. Curious, she looked both ways before going over to pick it up.

" Hmmm, I wonder who's toy this is?...Oh My Gosh! I just touched this dirty thing! " Teri shrieked before running over the girl's restroom, almost tripping over herself and dropping the toy in the process.

She first washed her hands, and then washed the toy in the sink. " Ahhh, dodged a germ-bullet! " Teri said in relief,

As Teri exited the bathroom, her friends, Penny and Gumball. walked up to her. " Hey there Teri, are you okay? I didn't see you at the gym with the rest of us." she asked concerned. " Yeah, what happened? did you get alittle dust in your face and freaked out when you guys did that pyramid? " Gumball laughed. " Gumball, that was not very nice! " Penny scolded him.

" What? that's exactly what happened! " Gumball explained as his shape-shifting girlfriend gave him the side-eye, " Fine..I'm sorry Teri, " the blue kitten half-apologized. making Teri rolled her eyes at his halfe-apology.

" So...what's you got there? " Gumball asked the adorable paper bear, His cat-like curiosity getting the better of him. " It looks like a makeshift paddle-ball, " Penny guessed.

" Hmmm, I don't know about that, " Teri said as she flicked the toy with her wrist, Gumball's eyes turned cat-like as they followed the toy's ball. He started to bat the ball with his paw as Penny & Teri watched.

" Awwww! that is so cute! " Penny squee'd. scaring Teri, who watched the blue kitten attack the ball out of instinct.

Gumball suddenly stopped and looked at the two girls, His eyes reverting back to normal. " Um, who is adorable Penny? " he asked his girlfriend, Confused by girlfriend's looks of adoration towards him.

" You Gumball, you. " Penny giggled at the cute kitten's obliviousness. " I am not cute, I'm handsome! " Gumball denied, his little ears flattened against his head in annoyance.

" Wanna bet, Little Kitty? " Teri said mischievously as she dangled the red ball in front of Gumball's face, His eyes went back to being cat-like as he laid down on his back against Teri, despite her mini-protests about the dangers of cat-hair. Gumball meowed and purred as he batted the ball back in forth as Teri and Penny looked down at him in adoration. well Penny's adoration anyway, Teri was looking at him like he was crazy,

No, crazy would be abit too tame for him, Pure utter insanity is more like it. considering the reputation The Wattersons have and the city of Elmore itself, that's saying something.

As the sun began to set, The three kids realized it was getting late and that they should be heading home now.

" Oh Man, My mom must be worried sick! " Gumball said worried about the trouble he would be in if he was out at school this late, his eyes reverting back to normal. " My dad would be furious! " Penny panicked.

" My mother's working late, so I'm not worried. " Teri said calmly, Causing Penny and Gumball to stare at her for abit. " My mother's a doctor, remember? " Teri reminded them.

" Oh Yeah, I remember that! " Gumball smacked his forehead dumbly, remembering the incident with the virus leader a couple episodes back.

" Anyways I hope Principal Brown is still here, I need to call my dad." Penny said as she walked with Gumball down the hall to Principal Brown's office to make some phone-calls, leaving Teri by herself. As she waited for them to return, Teri happily played with her toy, bouncing the ball around with her paws.

" Hey, Teri? I was wondering, if you would like to stay the night with me and Gumball at his house? " Penny asked as she returned with Gumball.

Thinking it over in her head, Teri nodded her answer. " Sure, I'd love to! it's been awhile since I've been at a sleep-over. " she said excitedly. " Bring that toy with you to distract my mom while I'll swipe us some snacks and we got ourselves a deal! " Gumball said slyly. " Uh, Gumball? Teri said yes, there's no need for a deal. " Penny told him. " Oh...never mind then. " Gumball said, disappointed at his deal falling through.

After politely asking Rocky to let them out, Gumball, Penny and Teri walked off into the sunset to The Watterson's house. anxiously awaiting the chaos that would eventually unfold...much to Teri's horror.
The Cuteness.
Teri, Gumball Watterson, Penny Fitzgerald. The Amazing World of Gumball. Ben Bocquelet. Cartoon Network. 2011-present.
Fanfiction by Me.


John David Biehl
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United States
I'm a artist. been drawing since.......I'm not sure when i started... but anyways hello.
I can do requests if asked or noted. If it's from an animated movie or tv show I'll do it!
if it's a obscure or foreign cartoon I'll draw it for y'all just ask nicely
My Favorite Movies.
1. Jungledryet Hugo. 1-2. ( 1993-1996)
2. Frozen. (2013)
3. The Fox and The Hound. (1981)
4. Macskafogo / Cat City. (1986)
5. Alpha and Omega. (2010)
6. The Elm Chanted Forest. (1986)
7. The Fearless Four/ Die Furchtlosen Vier. (1997)
8. Catnapped!/ Totsuzen! Neko no Kuni Banipal Witt. (1995)
9. Seven. (1995)
10. Dude Where's My Car?. (2000)
11. The Addams Family. (1991)
12. The Big Lebowski. (1998)
13. The Seventh Brother./ Vacak a hetedik testver. (1995)
14. Toy Story. (1995)
15. Finding Nemo. (2003)
16. Felidae. (1994)
17. The Lion King. (1994)
18. The Lion King 1/2. (2004)
19. Banjo the Woodpile Cat. (1979)
20. One Stormy Night/ Arashi No Yoru Ni. (2005)
21. Willy The Sparrow/ Vili a vereb. (1989)
22. The Secret of Nimh. (1982)
23. Max & Co. (2006)
24. The Cunning Little Vixen. (2003)
25. The Star Wars Trilogy. ( 1977-Present.)
26. Cats and Dogs. (2001)
27. Wayne's World. (1992)
Movies I Absolutely Hate.
1. Baby Boy. (2001)
2. The Great Gatsby. (2013)
3. The Little Rascals. (1994)
4. Shinbone Ally. (1971)
5. Tyler Perry Movies.
6. Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium.

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