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Rhonda-thePimp Wip by JohnDavidbiehl
Rhonda-thePimp Wip
Rhonda Wellington Lloyd, Hey Arnold, Craig Bartlett. Nickelodeon. 1996-2004.  
Today was a gloomy day, mostly because of the rain and Delilah's mood. she got up from her bed and walked over to the bathroom to take a shower. as she reached for the door knob, she heard a crash in the kitchen. " Ugh! this is the second time I've been interrupted from taking a shower!" she angrily mumbled to herself. she headed over to the source of the racket and found Isis and an masked figure sweeping up broken glass. " I'm sorry that I broke your window Isis, My bat glider's been on the fritz lately " the figure apologized in an gruff tone to Isis, " It's alright, Batty." Isis affectionately called the figure, " maybe it senses "danger" so to speak," she said as she draped herself over the figure. " Hmmm, could be," the figure held up her chin and caressed her cheek. Confused and somewhat touched, Delilah tapped Isis on the shoulder to ask who this masked figure could possibly be, " Isis, who's this cape-wearing clown here?" she tiredly asked. " Are you still asleep Delilah? " Isis asked her in an mockingly angry tone, " This is the Goshdarn Bathound!" Delilah cocked her head to one side while Bathound face-pawed at the lame joke. " Sorry Bathound...I got carried away there, hehehe" Isis apologized sheepishly. " It's alright Isis," Bathound assured her, " Besides, Batman has copies of that comic in case we run out of firewood!" he chuckled. Isis looked at him in confusion, " I don't get it..." she told him flatly. " Nevermind," Bathound said gruffly. " Anyways It's nice to meet you, Delilah" he shook Delilah's paw, " You too handsome," She winked at him. " Hey- hey now! he's mine, get your own Miss Desperate Kitty!" Isis scolded. " Relax Isis, I'm not that type of woman." Delilah said to her while she licked her paw innocently. " So..Isis has told me about all you, " she told Bathound, " it true that you and her are going out?" she questioned him. " Delilah, I kinda already told you that we were," Isis chimed in. " I know, I just want to hear it from him." Delilah explained, Bathound took a deep breath and sighed, He scratched the back of his head and confirmed it, " Yes, yes we are," Delilah beamed at this and congratulated them. " I'm happy for you two," she stated warmly. " So...anyway's what brings you here from Gotham, Battykins?" Isis fluttered her eyes at her boyfriend. " Vacation, and to see you sweetheart," Bat-hound licked Isis's cheek, she giggled bashfully at his affection. " Dose Batman or Catwoman know that you two are dating? " Delilah asked them, Bathound coughed alittle and Isis just shrugged. " If they did, well...they've probably find it adorable and ironic" Isis stated a matter of factually


John David Biehl
Artist | Hobbyist | Design & Interfaces
United States
I'm a artist. been drawing since.......I'm not sure when i started... but anyways hello.
I can do requests if asked or noted. If it's from an animated movie or tv show I'll do it!
if it's a obscure or foreign cartoon I'll draw it for y'all just ask nicely
My Favorite Movies.
1. Jungledryet Hugo. 1-2. ( 1993-1996)
2. Frozen. (2013)
3. The Fox and The Hound. (1981)
4. Macskafogo / Cat City. (1986)
5. Alpha and Omega. (2010)
6. The Elm Chanted Forest. (1986)
7. The Fearless Four/ Die Furchtlosen Vier. (1997)
8. Catnapped!/ Totsuzen! Neko no Kuni Banipal Witt. (1995)
9. Seven. (1995)
10. Dude Where's My Car?. (2000)
11. The Addams Family. (1991)
12. The Big Lebowski. (1998)
13. The Seventh Brother./ Vacak a hetedik testver. (1995)
14. Toy Story. (1995)
15. Finding Nemo. (2003)
16. Felidae. (1994)
17. The Lion King. (1994)
18. The Lion King 1/2. (2004)
19. Banjo the Woodpile Cat. (1979)
20. One Stormy Night/ Arashi No Yoru Ni. (2005)
21. Willy The Sparrow/ Vili a vereb. (1989)
22. The Secret of Nimh. (1982)
23. Max & Co. (2006)
24. The Cunning Little Vixen. (2003)
25. The Star Wars Trilogy. ( 1977-Present.)
26. Cats and Dogs. (2001)
Movies I Absolutely Hate.
1. Baby Boy. (2001)
2. The Great Gatsby. (2013)
3. The Little Rascals. (1994)
4. Shinbone Ally. (1971)
5. Tyler Perry Movies.
6. Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium.

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