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Julius and Suzanne. :iconjohndavidbiehl:JohnDavidbiehl 1 3
Zaika the sexy hare. by JohnDavidbiehl Zaika the sexy hare. :iconjohndavidbiehl:JohnDavidbiehl 2 6 A Race won in friendship. by JohnDavidbiehl A Race won in friendship. :iconjohndavidbiehl:JohnDavidbiehl 1 0 Relaxation by JohnDavidbiehl Relaxation :iconjohndavidbiehl:JohnDavidbiehl 0 10 Lucy and her crew. by JohnDavidbiehl Lucy and her crew. :iconjohndavidbiehl:JohnDavidbiehl 0 0
Mature content
A Mouse's Secret. :iconjohndavidbiehl:JohnDavidbiehl 1 0
A romantic the Glowing Sea. by JohnDavidbiehl A romantic the Glowing Sea. :iconjohndavidbiehl:JohnDavidbiehl 2 2 Tsundere Maggie And Mischievous  Thunder. by JohnDavidbiehl Tsundere Maggie And Mischievous Thunder. :iconjohndavidbiehl:JohnDavidbiehl 1 2 Kristie by JohnDavidbiehl Kristie :iconjohndavidbiehl:JohnDavidbiehl 2 72
Pretty Haired Girl Chapter 2- Love Potion for Akko
Akko sat on her bed thinking about Sucy more and more, missing her already. she got up from her bed and dug around her desk for a piece of paper and pen.
Akko then started to write an love letter to her beloved..only to crumple it up and toss it into the trash.
" Ugh! that won't do, how can I tell her how I feel? " She exasperated as she pulled out another piece of paper.
Thinking more about what to write, Akko finally came up with some words.
" Dear Sucy Manbavaran, I'm writing this to say that...I really admire you...No, that sucks too! " She grunted as she erased the sentence.
" Okay, let's not screw this up, or Sucy will taunt me forever! * sigh* Dear Sucy..."
Meanwhile, Lotte and Sucy were in flying class as the instructor asked them about Akko's absence.
" Are you sure that Miss Kagari is sick? " Professor Nelson questioned, not believing them.
" If suddenly getting a fever isn't considered sick, then I don't know what is..." Sucy sarcastically answered.
" Sucy, please! " Lotte s
:iconjohndavidbiehl:JohnDavidbiehl 0 0
Eve's Training.
It was an wonderful morning in Jasper Park. Eve was sleeping inside of her cave when her daughter, Lilly, nuzzled her cheek.
" Good Morning Mother, " she said timidly, while rubbing her paws adorably.
Eve stirred in her sleep by the sound of her daughter's voice, " Good Morning Lilly, " she said as she got up and stretched herself, " How are you and Garth this morning? "
Lilly was lost in her own little world when her mother asked her this question, she then quickly snapped out of it.
" Huh? Oh! We're doing fine Mom. " she said happily while she wagged her tail, her mother smiled at this as she went outside to look out over the valley, leaving Lilly alone to herself. her smile turned into a frown as she thought of the many times she felt alone when her parents trained her older sister, Kate on how to be the perfect Alpha, She thought of the possibility of maybe asking her mother to do the same with her but still retaining her rank of Omega.
Lilly swallowed her pride and walked out of t
:iconjohndavidbiehl:JohnDavidbiehl 1 2
Sabbath City pt 6.
Jacob and Nadine made their way towards Downtown, making their way through the collapsed streets to get to the police station, the slush-like mud and loose sections of concrete slowing them down some. Using a fallen 18-wheeler as a ramp to get to higher ground, the cold metal stinging their paws as they descended upwards, trying not to slip off to the sides.
" Good thing this monster is sleeping or else we would be in big trouble! " Nadine quiped.
" I know...Let's hope it doesn't wake up while we're crossing it's back. " Jacob told her. they jumped off the truck's trailer once they got to the other side of the trench, continuing on their way.
Reading the street signs in search of Vegas and Rodeo street, and the big pointed building Wolfsbane described, Jacob looked up at the buildings and spotted a dark gray building with a red pyramid and an antenna on top, he and Nadine turned right down towards it.
" What do you think we'll encounter there? Booby traps? * Hrmmph * More robots? " Nad
:iconjohndavidbiehl:JohnDavidbiehl 0 0
Noir by JohnDavidbiehl Noir :iconjohndavidbiehl:JohnDavidbiehl 2 0 Suzanne and Julius by JohnDavidbiehl Suzanne and Julius :iconjohndavidbiehl:JohnDavidbiehl 3 46 Don't hide from me, Timmy. by JohnDavidbiehl Don't hide from me, Timmy. :iconjohndavidbiehl:JohnDavidbiehl 1 0 PredPreyPOV. by JohnDavidbiehl PredPreyPOV. :iconjohndavidbiehl:JohnDavidbiehl 2 39


YCH - Strip Pole Hepzibah - Maid Version by scificat YCH - Strip Pole Hepzibah - Maid Version :iconscificat:scificat 107 6 Vix by KangaKangaroo Vix :iconkangakangaroo:KangaKangaroo 30 18 Fox goth by ZombieRay10 Fox goth :iconzombieray10:ZombieRay10 172 22 Maya's Swimsuit by SecretlySaucy Maya's Swimsuit :iconsecretlysaucy:SecretlySaucy 249 6 ~Harriet~ by MehDrawings ~Harriet~ :iconmehdrawings:MehDrawings 317 10 Harriet Broodal - Super Mario Odyssey by Mewscaper Harriet Broodal - Super Mario Odyssey :iconmewscaper:Mewscaper 116 5 I like you by Ihlosih I like you :iconihlosih:Ihlosih 55 31 Siamese puss by Santani Siamese puss :iconsantani:Santani 1,065 56 Fanny fox tries a computer by LongHairedLioness Fanny fox tries a computer :iconlonghairedlioness:LongHairedLioness 10 1 Sin by Noir-snow Sin :iconnoir-snow:Noir-snow 392 21 Cloud Version 5 by TysonTan Cloud Version 5 :icontysontan:TysonTan 1,940 63 Foxy from 'Foxy Asso' by DanOblong Foxy from 'Foxy Asso' :icondanoblong:DanOblong 29 21 Hostage 3/4: Mary Jane the Possum by TurnedWhyte Hostage 3/4: Mary Jane the Possum :iconturnedwhyte:TurnedWhyte 13 18 Royal Cybunny by boxrib Royal Cybunny :iconboxrib:boxrib 14 1 Cute Dress Dog! by miaoutastique Cute Dress Dog! :iconmiaoutastique:miaoutastique 33 12 animal crossing bunnies by suzanami animal crossing bunnies :iconsuzanami:suzanami 11 1



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Julius hopped along his burrow, greeting everyone as he went past them. he then hopped out of the burrow to greet the meadow and the day before him, sniffing the crispy cold air until he caught a familiar scent, it smelt of fox...

But not just any fox, a beautiful vixen by the name of Suzanne, who zipped by the rabbit's vision into the forest, no doubt on the hunt for food.

" I wonder where she's heading? better follow her to go see. " Julius told himself, following the vixen's voluptuous tail.

He'd never admit this to anyone, but he sort of developed a crush on Suzanne, not minding that she was a predator who's hunger for rabbit meat always lead her to his colony. his naivete' annoying his mother to no end.

Using the trees for cover, Julius stealthily followed Suzanne to the lake, avoiding stepping on any twig that may alert her to his presence.

He watched her drink out of the lake behind some bushes, his heart pounded rabbitly as he started drooling over her well-aged curves and her tail swaying side to side, his little rabbit tail wagging and his baby maker slowly poking out.

Moving closer to get a better view, Julius accidentally stepped on some twigs, cowering imminently afterwards, hiding his ears to avoid detection.

He peeked between the bushes to see if the coast was clear, seeing four black legs and a bushy tail in front of him.

His eyes widened as he saw Suzanne's head burst through his hiding place and grab his scruff with her teeth, tossing him out into the open and held him down with one paw

" What do you want, Punk? " She questioned, snarling at the little pervert.

" Well...I was, Berries! " Julius lied, giving the fox a big grin.

Seeing right trough the lie, Suzanne pressed down hard on the rabbit's stomach, causing him almost vomit all over himself.

" I ask again, What. Do. You. Want?! " She snarled, baring her teeth.

Julius caved in and worked up the courage to tell her the truth.

" * cough cough * Fine, I'll tell you...Because I really like you! " He told her covering his face.

Feeling her nose press against his, Julius leaned up to kiss her, only for Suzanne to wrap her paws around his neck.

" That's the most dumbest thing I ever heard, Are you blind kid? I"m A Fox, I eat your kind! " She pointed out. " I'm old enough to be your mother, Mr Oedipus."

" I don't have a Oedipus complex! " Julius angrily denied, his face red from embarrassment.

" You're hitting on a woman half your age...I'd say you do! " Suzanne teased.

" Well, You're pretty hot for your age! " Julius told her, before realizing that he proved her point. " Oh damnit! "

Suzanne grinned for her small victory and pumped her fist in triumph.

" Fox-1 Meal-0! " She gloated. " Now, I'd run away if I was you, Oedipus. " She warned as she licked her lips, growling into her prey's ear.

Sensing that he was in danger, Julius kicked Suzanne in her chin and hopped out of her grasp, pissing her off and starting a chase.

" You're very stupid, Julius. So very stupid! " He berated himself as her ran for his life, trying to outrun his former crush.

Suzanne kept up her pursuit of the rabbit as he tried to out maneuver her, avoiding the two trees he went between and going around the bushes he jumped into.

Digging under the bushes, Julius tunneled his way underground to hide from the vicious vixen, his heart thumping wildly in fear.

" Please don't find me, Please don't find me, Please don't find me! " He repeated to himself, trying to steady his breathing.

Circling the bushes, Suzanne's stomach growled hungrily as she sniffed around for the rabbit's scent, her frustration building by the hour.

" You're only delaying the inevitable, You will come out of that hole sooner or later, Oedipus! when you do, I'll be waiting! " She warned, lifting her tail and peed on the bushes to mark her territory. " I'll be back for you later! "

Julius heard the warning loud and clear, so he decided to dig further down into the dirt to avoid being seen by Suzanne and be eaten.

" Why does she have to be so scary and sexy at the same time? " He lamented as he digged.

Suzanne licked her muzzle clean of blood after she'd devoured an raccoon, some mice and a camper's pet hamster, but she was still hungry for some rabbit.

So, backtracking back to the hole, She sniffed along the way and suddenly picked up Julius's scent, grinning to herself.

" Found you again, Oedipus. " She smiled gleefully, following his scent back to the rabbit burrow. She stopped at the main hole and started digging to make it bigger for herself to fit her large body mass.

Crawling her way inside, Suzanne navigated through the tunnels in her search for Julius, causing the other rabbits to quickly hide back in their burrows at the sight of her.

Mentality marking them to devour later, She went further down until she found the rabbit she was looking for, nestled beside his mother, Sunflower. who woke up to greet the intruder.

" Why hello, Suzanne. Long time no see! " She carefully got up and hopped over to hug her childhood friend. " How are the kits? "

" They're doing fine, Thank you. Speaking of children, your son was hitting on me today. " Suzanne got to the point, much to the shock of the bunny mother.

" Oh dear that boy, I really don't where he got that from! " Sunflower told her.

" Oh, you know damn well where he got it from...May I need to remind you of my brother? " Suzanne smirked knowingly. " Surely your son knows that foxes are dangerous predators, or maybe you're too busy getting your fat ass pounded in to notice when he sneaks off? "

Taken aback by her friend's assumption, Sunflower thumped her foot and glared at the vixen. " That's none of your business, you hussy! I tell him to stay put! "

" And does it stick?..No, one day he's not going to come home and you're going to wonder why...So, I suggest keeping an better eye on him for now on. " Suzanne reprimanded. " And tell him to stop flirting me, It's really disturbing and he needs to fuck girls his own age and species! " And with that, She turned herself around and crawled out of the burrow. " See you next week, Fox-Fucker! "

" God, I love watching that lovely ass leave! " Julius said dreamily, earning a smack on the back of his head by Sunflower. " Ow! what the hell? "

" You really done it this time, Young man! " she reprimanded.
Julius and Suzanne.
Just a series of stories starring a rabbit with strange affection for a older vixen, Enjoy!
Julius and Suzanne, Me.
Zaika the sexy hare.
Here's a cute bunny for you to enjoy...and Rule34. ;)
Zaika the hare The 2014 Sochi Olympic Games.
Nothing better than a nice day of reading comic books and listening to music on a tape.
Kelly Gilda Retrievers. Theo and Kelly. 2008-present. Me.


John David Biehl
Artist | Hobbyist | Design & Interfaces
United States
I'm a artist. been drawing since.......I'm not sure when i started... but anyways hello.
I can do requests if asked or noted. If it's from an animated movie or tv show I'll do it!
if it's a obscure or foreign cartoon I'll draw it for y'all just ask nicely
My Favorite Movies.
1. Jungledryet Hugo. 1-2. ( 1993-1996)
2. Frozen. (2013)
3. The Fox and The Hound. (1981)
4. Macskafogo / Cat City. (1986)
5. Alpha and Omega. (2010)
6. The Elm Chanted Forest. (1986)
7. The Fearless Four/ Die Furchtlosen Vier. (1997)
8. Catnapped!/ Totsuzen! Neko no Kuni Banipal Witt. (1995)
9. Seven. (1995)
10. Dude Where's My Car?. (2000)
11. The Addams Family. (1991)
12. The Big Lebowski. (1998)
13. The Seventh Brother./ Vacak a hetedik testver. (1995)
14. Toy Story. (1995)
15. Finding Nemo. (2003)
16. Felidae. (1994)
17. The Lion King. (1994)
18. The Lion King 1/2. (2004)
19. Banjo the Woodpile Cat. (1979)
20. One Stormy Night/ Arashi No Yoru Ni. (2005)
21. Willy The Sparrow/ Vili a vereb. (1989)
22. The Secret of Nimh. (1982)
23. Max & Co. (2006)
24. The Cunning Little Vixen. (2003)
25. The Star Wars Trilogy. ( 1977-Present.)
26. Cats and Dogs. (2001)
27. Wayne's World. (1992)
28. Stay Tuned. ( 1992 )
29. Starsky and Hutch. ( 2004)
Movies I Absolutely Hate.
1. Baby Boy. (2001)
2. The Great Gatsby. (2013)
3. The Little Rascals. (1994)
4. Shinbone Ally. (1971)
5. Tyler Perry Movies.
6. Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium.


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